Proper attic ventilation is critical in our Minnesota climate in order to minimize and/or eliminate the possibility of pesky ice dams and troublesome moisture intrusion. A properly vented attic allows enough air to come in through the soffit vents and exhaust out through the ridge vent or roof vents to keep the snow and ice from melting and then refreezing. The bad news is that, in many cases, we find that many attics are under-ventilated and are therefore a main cause of ice dams, water damage, and premature failures in the roofing system.

The good news is, our experts can help! We can calculate the proper amount of attic ventilation required for your home or building and then determine whether or not your current ventilation system is adequate. We will then work with you to develop a plan to repair, replace, or add new soffit and roof vents. Give the team at Central Insulation a call today and take the first step toward putting an end to ice dams!